2022年3月3日(木)放送 NHK WORLD-JAPAN「Core Kyoto」


この度、以下の番組が日本語版に制作し直され、NHK BSにて放送されることになりました。





NHK WORLD-JAPAN番組「Core Kyoto」にて、弊社が取材を受けました。







日本国内ではNHK WORLD-JAPANのホームページでライブストリーミング放送がご覧いただけます。


①木曜 9:30~9:58

②木曜 14:30~14:58

③木曜 19:30~19:58

④金曜 00:30~00:58

⑤金曜 06:30~06:58











NHK WORLD-JAPAN TV program “Core Kyoto” on Thursday March 3rd (UTC)


Kawamo Art Laboratory was interviewed on TV program “Core Kyoto” on NHK WORLD-JAPAN. The theme of the TV program on Thursday March 3rd (UTC) is “Gateways: Sacred Demarcations that Repel Evil”. We were interviewed on the Karamon Gate of Honganji, one of our coloring repairment subjects from 2018 to 2019.


[Introduction of the “Core Kyoto”]

The timeless heart of Japan’s ancient capital. Against its rich backdrop of culture and tradition, today’s Kyoto continues to innovate and inspire.


[Schedule of the TV program]

Live streaming broadcast will be available on NHK WORLD JAPAN website in Japan region.


  1. 9:30-9:58 on Thursday March 3rd (JST)
  2. 14:30-14:58 on Thursday March 3rd (JST)
  3. 19:30-19:58 on Thursday March 3rd (JST)
  4. 0:30-0:58 on Friday March 4th (JST)
  5. 6:30-6:58 on Friday March 4th (JST)


[Topic of the TV program on Thursday March 3rd]

“Gateways: Sacred Demarcations that Repel Evil”

Gates allow passage through walls, fences and hedges, which separate individual premises from the outside. Temple, castle and residential gates take various forms depending on their design, location and purpose. In some cases, they act as borders between the sacred and the secular to repel malevolent forces. Discover the diversity of gates in the ancient capital, from the elaborate and decorative to the simple.



The details of the TV program can be referred as below: